June 18, 2012

Happy Monday! Let's Celebrate What Makes Us Unique.

I was waiting in some waiting room flipping through the March issue of Bazaar.  I flipped to the next page and was dumbstruck.  The editorial that struck me so was the Miami Chic in the Heat Story.  It wasn't the clothes or the setting that caught my eye it was the woman (Lindsey Wixson) in the editorial.  Lindsey Wixson has a certain kind of beauty that may not have been embraced a decade ago, but today the fashion world is gaga for her.  In the photos her cupid bow lips were almost always parted into a a wide grin revealing a very gap toothed smile.  She looked happy, completely comfortable in her skin.  Well enough text I'll let the pictures speak for themselves here. So happy Monday all and here is to embracing the features that make us uniquely beautiful.


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  1. Thank you jrose for bringing this to light in a world of perfect cookie cutout women with nothing to make them stand out in a crowd.


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