Jennifer Rose Griffin is an artist and writer and the voice behind the fashion/beauty blog J. Rose Style.  The blog was started in a fit of pent up creative expression and gave Jennifer an outlet to share her fashion and beauty finds. Jennifer divulges her style secrets and steals each week with her knack for predicting trends, a penchant for shopping and a real girl's budget. Jennifer has a background in fashion design and studio art and has a flare for color, proportions and storytelling.  
I truly believe in the power of clothes to tell a story and let people know who you are. Fashion should be fun, personal and stay within your budget.  I tried playing by the rules (fashion or otherwise) and then found out that the rules I was living by were from monopoly, so I tossed them out and made my own rules.
Jennifer lives in a small house nestled between reservoirs and hills outside of NY city. While you might think this would make her far removed from the world of fashion, she stays current on what’s in style through her magazine habit and Internet addiction.

Questions?  Please e-mail Jennifer at jrosestyle@gmail.com