June 30, 2011

Fashion Forward Bicycling Part 1: Helmets

Sporting apparel is not necessarily the most stylish, it's meant to be functional over fashionable.  Of all the sports, cycling has gotten the worst rap, for it's ultra tight and ahem, very unflattering apparel.  With the recent insurgence of people commuting by bike there has been a plethora of street style photos of women in their fashionable finery perched on the seat of a bike.  While I love that people are being more active and earth friendly by cycling to work, the one major piece of equipment absent from these photos...a helmet!  I know that women riding bikes want to look cute and not arrive with helmet hair to where ever they are going, but not wearing a helmet is dumb and it could be deadly.  Yes you want to look good, but there are some rules to follow when cycling to keep you safe.  In that vein I want to introduce my newest collaborator Thomas Griffin of The Bicycling Gryphon. Tom is here to lay the ground rules for cycling safety.  Together in the next couple of posts we will discuss what to wear, what to watch out for and how to have a safe and stylish journey.

June 28, 2011

A Haiku to My Favorite Shoes

Now I know from the title alone you probably think that I have gone completely bonkers, but before you assume that I have started writing poetry to all my footwear, let me explain.  The Independent Fashion Bloggers website has been issuing projects each week that challenges members to write about a particular topic.  This week's assignment is to write a Haiku about a piece in your closet that you love. The item of my adoration, my leather French Sole ballet flats. For someone who loves clothes as much as me you would think it would be easy for me to wax poetic about a favorite item, well I'll let you be the judge of my success.

Lovely Caramel
Supple and sweet perfection
Cradle weary feet

I really enjoyed this assignment and look forward to the next project from IFB.  It was something I would not have tried on my own and it gave me an excuse to count syllables on my fingers and use a thesaurus.  To read all the Haiku entries that participants submitted visit The Independent Fashion Bloggers site.  

Outfit Chronicles: Mellow Yellow

They call me Mellow Yellow. They call me Mellow Yellow, quite rightly. Well no one has ever called me mellow... or yellow for that matter.  The sunshiny days of summer are here and to glorify this golden hazy day I felt like donning some clothes in...what else, yellow.

June 27, 2011

What's Your Shopping Strategy?

Recently, after a major change in my job situation, I have begun the task of evaluating my budget based on my current income. I went through each category of my expenses, most were basically at the bare minimum, but I paused when I got to my shopping budget.

June 24, 2011

Summer Clutch Crushes

Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch

Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch (see more straw clutch bags)

Is there any material more summery than straw? Straw's appearance on handbags is limited to the oh so sunny summer season and the look of it always screams beach and poolside soirees.  In honor of the official start of summer and to help usher in the warm weather months with style, I bring you my straw clutch crushes of the moment.

June 17, 2011

Bloggers Do It Better: Neon Neutral

After participating in my first Bloggers Do It Better challenge last month I was psyched for the next one.  I waited in eager anticipation for Kristina over at Pretty Shiny Sparkly to post about this month's challenge.  Well last week Kristina proclaimed that "Neon and Neutral" was the theme for this Bloggers Do It Better challenge.  Initially I was stumped, I had the neutral covered in my closet, but the neon not at all.  As I was running errands I started seeing neon every where. At the fabric store I picked up lovely neon pink notions to use as accessories and at target I found an adorable lemon yellow cardi.  Well I had my neon and my neutral, the question was can a girl who likes subdued colors pull off neon? I'll let the pictures be the judge.

June 16, 2011

Hair Donation: Goodbye Nine Inches

Table full of ponytails.

I have been growing my hair out for two years. The random photographs and memories in my mind are littered with images of  me with long straight locks.  About a year ago I made the decision to continue growing my hair to donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Beautiful Lengths collects hair donations to make real hair wigs for women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment.

June 11, 2011

Outfit Chronicles: Weekend Shirtdress...Check!

Do you remember that Milly Check Shirtdress I was lusting after in this post. Well, since I didn't have any momentary lapses in sanity I didn't buy it, but I did buy its look alike from Target.  Here is how I wore the Merona Americana Artist Shirtdress with this weekend.

June 9, 2011

This Dress but For Less

Milly Check Weekend Dress, Saks Fifth Ave, $295
I have a penchant for beautiful, well-cut clothing, who doesn't, but this clothing also comes with a high price tag, which is well beyond my means.  I blame my love of  expensive clothing on my astrological sign, I am a Leo after-all. While I am desirous of the very best in life, I am hugely aware of my budget which I stick to because "there is nothing fashionable about debt".  A couple of weeks ago I happened on the dress above in a magazine.  The Check Weekend Dress by Milly is a lovely, lightweight, retro redux of the classic gingham shirtdress.  Aesthetically it's perfect, great cut, interesting details, nice pattern, here's the rub though, it  retails for $295. Yeah I know, it's like a punch in the gut! However lovely it may be it cannot be mine.

Merona America Artist Dress, Target, $24.99
Today I was in Target with a friend wandering through the women's wear when I happened upon the Merona Americana Artist dress above.  While not identical to the Milly dress, seeing the Merona Americana Artist Dress immediately brought to mind the more expensive version.  The fit is less flared than the Milly dress and there are less flourishes with the belt and neckline, but the fabric's pattern is the same, it ties at the waist and the neckline does boast some interesting v cuts on either side.  Here's the biggest difference though, this Merona dress costs $24.99!  I can definitely  swing a dress that is under $30, and the style is perfect for the summer.  To snag your own Merona Americana Artist frock check on the Target website, stock online is limited, but you can always use the handy "Find at a local Target tool" to find one near you.  Shopping smart and within my means, now that is what I call stylish.

Have you ever found a great piece of clothing and then found out that is was more expensive than you thought? Have you tried to find a less expensive version of the orginal?

June 6, 2011

Hair Confessions: Major Hair Makeover?

In exactly one week I will be cutting my hair, now I'm not talking a trim, I'm talking nine inches lopped off at once.  I will be donating my hair with a group of former co-workers to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program.  While this kind of change is a little nerve-wracking I am excited by the prospect of changing up my look.  In preparation for the big chop I have been scouring magazines and the internet for inspiration.  In one of those internet fueled expeditions I happened on Instyle's Hollywood Makeover, an extension of their web-zine that let's you "try on" the hair looks of today's hottest Hollywood celebs.  I had tried this type of hair try on before, but I thought it would be fun to record and share my results this time.

June 4, 2011

Outfit Chronicles: Casually Committed

I love casual wear as much as the next person, can't beat the relaxed feel and the comfort of laid back cotton clothing. Unfortunately casual wear can suffer from several sartorial pitfalls. One, it can look sloppy if it's wrinkled, stained or the wrong size. Two, it can look too mundane, t- shirt and khaki's are very common.  How can you set your look apart  and be seen as the unique individual that you are when you are swimming in a sea of casual khaki wearers? As you will see the the difference is in the details.

June 2, 2011

Four Stylishly Good Uses for Baking Soda

Baking soda's mundane and common household item status belies it's historical roots. It's first recorded use dates back to the Ancient Egyptians,  who used a form of sodium bicarbonate in the mummification process.  Today I bring you four modern uses (no mummification involved) for baking soda. Enjoy!