August 23, 2011

Outfit Chronicles: Retro Royal Blue

With fall fast approaching and the new clothing lines hitting the shelves, my current summer clothes have left me feeling...meh.  I shrug at the light layers, scoff at the soft pastels,  roll my eyes at the light cotton crispness that hangs in my closet.  I want something with more weight and substance, but there is no way I am donning sweaters just yet.  How do I go about working in transitional fall pieces (that still work for summer), into my wardrobe?  Well the first step, for me at least, is with color. Summer's lighter hues will be replaced by vibrant brights for fall; burnt orange, fire red and royal blue.  The key to working those colors in, is to choose lighter weight pieces (short sleeves, sheer tops) that can be layered with sweaters and jackets as the cooler weather arrives.  Here is my transitional outfit take using a royal blue top by Eight Sixty, a recent purchase from Lord & Taylor (love them).  I can wear it alone or when fall begins to set in, layer it with a cardigan or a blazer.

Catalog pose!  I am available for catalog shoots J. Crew, Anthropologie..., just sayin'.
Mr. Owl is awesome and wise, I am hoping his wisdom will rub off on me.  
I am not sure what to call this pose.  Maybe, holding on to my tote with two hands, just in case some squirrels want to swipe it.
Catalog pose take two.  Just incase you weren't convinced the first time...J.C. Penney, anybody, anybody.
Crystal, leather and Claddagh oh my!
Yes, I love me some free tote bag.
Leopard print shoes with black toenails! So badass, no?
Hey look over there! Not there, there! Um... I'm not really sure what I am pointing at this point.

The Stuff:
Top: Eighty Six, Lord and Taylor
Pants: New Cafe Capri, J. Crew
Shoes: Franco Sarto, Nordstrom
Jewelry: Mostly gifts, Owl-thrift store, leather bracelet- J. Crew
Tote:  Lucky Magazine (free tote with subscription)!


  1. I too, wanted to add some color to my fall wardrobe and bought a bright orange Michael Kors jacket. I can't wait to wear it!

  2. Ah! Your outfits are too darling ...and Mr. Owl - awwwww :) Love it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog <3

  3. JudyG, yay for adding some bright color to your wardrobe. It makes such a huge impact.
    Tasia thank you I have fun with my clothes, and I like to add quirky accessories. Mr. Owl is one of my fav thrift store finds. Keep on bloggin' I'll keep reading.



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