November 15, 2011

The Finer Things in Fashion

When I go into a museum, I expect to revel in the exquisite detail, the profound beauty and contemplate the meaning behind these magnificent works of art.  I have no expectation of actually owning any of these paintings, just a great appreciation that I am allowed to gaze on them for a short period of time.  When I recieved the Nordstrom November 2011 Unforgettable Gifts catalog I experienced a similar sensation.  Exquisitely beautiful fashions, lovely details, in a lavish glossy presentation.  The items in the catalog are completely beyond my reach, but sometimes it is just as nice to admire as it is to own.

Prada "Baroque" Sunglasses, $290,
Valentino "Rock Stud" Platform Pumps, $895,
Roberto Cavalli Metal Sunglasses, $450,

Jimmy Choo "Pearl" Wedge Sandal, $1095,
Is it just me that likes to flip through catalogs for the visual beauty, even when I can't afford the product?  Do you have a favorite item amongst the bunch here?  I personally love the shot with the Prada Sunnies.  The red lips, polkadots and pixie haircut are perfection. 


  1. I loveeee those sunglasses!!! And those Valentino shoes! *drools*

  2. Everyone seems to be loving those Prada sunglasses! They are not really my style, but I love how people are styling them :) cute post!


  3. Those red Valentino shoes are the kind of thing I would starve for lol I am also madly in love with those Prada sunglasses. As much as I'd love to wear them I almost enjoy looking at them just as much. I am all about visual creativity so flipping through magazines is one of my favorite things to do <3

  4. I also enjoyed browsing through the Nordstrom catalog for the sheer enjoyment of admiring the layouts. The Prada ad is very appealing. Nice post!

  5. Hi gals, I'm glad you enjoyed the, as Heather said "drool" worthy high fashions. Kaitlyn there were a lot of great pieces in the catalog it was hard to pick glad you like the red Valentino's. Tiny Dancer those Prada sunglasses have become ubiquitous, but I love that they are a little surreal and whimsical. Judy G agreed on all points.


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