March 30, 2012

Shopping Haul at LOFT

I have been on a self-enforced shopping diet for the last few months.  Well this week I decided to take a break from the torture...uh I mean diet, to indulge a little.  I had a $100 gift card that I had been saving since Christmas and a coupon for LOFT so off I skipped to my nearest LOFT location. This little video is a roundup of what I bought.  To shop the pieces in the video see the links below.

To Shop My Loft Picks:
Rib Tank - $14.50 or 3 for $35
Necklace in Store Only

March 28, 2012

Do You Pose?

Back in September I downloaded the mobile outfit sharing app Pose.  Initially I really didn't get into using it.  Didn't have time or didn't remember, either way it was seriously underused.  Poor lonely app just sat there until one day I decided I wanted to quickly share a picture of my nails.  Snapped a pic, tagged the items and boom posted it in a matter of minutes.  Fast, simple, fashion sharing, that offered instant gratification, now I get it!  In fact there are days where I love what I'm wearing and want to capture it, but just don't have the time to spare on setting up the tripod and getting out the DSLR, in those cases I whip out my phone, open up Pose, snap, snap, snap outfit captured for posterity.  Check out more of my poses here and download the app here.

A recent pose full of purples!

March 26, 2012

Na-na-Neon Nails: Kiss Nail Dress Review

What's in the pack: 28 Nail stickers in a variety of sizes, nail file, instructions/design idea book
These Kiss Nail Dress stickers were a complete and total impulse buy, along with the Easter shaped pasta and the dog toy puzzle. It was a wacky day, but sometimes impulse buys are a lot of fun, my dog had fun playing with the puzzle and I had fun playing with my nails.  Here's my complete and honest review of the product below.

Product: Kiss Nail Dress in Corset

What it Does: Creates some crazy, wild and bright nail art on your nails

What is in it: 28 adhesive nail designs in a range of sizes, a mini file to shape nails and a design booklet filled with ideas
What else You Will Need: A long wear clear top coat
Nail Stickers straight up with just a clear topcoat

My Verdict:

These Kiss nail stickers come in a range of patterns and colors, some designs even have crystals.  Cute, right?  The stickers peel off the plastic sheet easily and they can be trimmed to get the perfect size for each nail and also to modify the nail sticker.

The package recommends starting with clean, unpolished and buffed nails.  Even after following the steps to prep my nails I found that the stickers didn't adhere very well.  I especially noticed it around the cuticle, there were little air bubbles, where the sticker wasn't completely flat.  After rubbing the stickers in place the ripple became less noticeable and after applying the clear top coat you could barely see them.  Once the sticker is firmly placed on the nail I folded the excess over the edge of the nail and filed off. Easy enough.

The wear was about average, almost a week before the edges started to peel (I applied another color on top the next day and used a clear topcoat over the whole nail).  Honestly peeling them off was just as much fun as applying them.

Nail stickers with a little black glitter polish on the bottom half. Two looks, one sticker, you decide.

Final Thoughts

If I had my druthers I would love for the nail stickers to be a little more flexible.  The plastic was too rigid to follow the curves of the nail, especially around the cuticle and tip. I also wish the adhesive was a little stronger so they would last longer.  Those are my only two qualms though. The stickers allowed me to rock a wild nail look I couldn't have done with paint and there was no drying time (aside from the topcoat).

Price: $7 Plus they are super affordable!

Beauty Difficulty Rating
Like juggling oranges

March 23, 2012

Happy Friday

Happy Friday all! Here's hoping you have a weekend filled with adventure, laughs, relaxation and maybe ice cream.

March 22, 2012

You Better Hop To It...

Hop on Down Shaker Set, ModCloth, $12
First of all happy belated first day of Spring (Well at least if your hanging in the Northern Hemisphere)!  Second, today is the last day to enter the contest for the $50 ModCloth Gift Certificate.  What's that you say "how can I get myself entered in this awesome-ness".  Well just click on over here and follow the directions and you're in! 

March 21, 2012

Outfit Post: Nifty Neon

I like the word nifty, it's simply a word most people don't use anymore.  The word nifty draws to mind a 1950's type movie, in which the bespectacled suitor says to his love interest "it would be nifty if we can study calculus together".  So this post is about what I wore this week, not about underused words in the English language. The connection is the 50's style of the outfit and a nifty little neon sweater that made the look something special. 

An unseasonably warm March day demanded exposed pasty arms.

It looks like the wires are coming out of my head.  Curse you electricity, um nevermind.

Love the coral belt, bright accessories maketh the outfit.

My Repetto kitten heels puts a certain joie de vivre in my step.

Kiss Nail Dress stickers, which I will review later this week.

A cross between confused and amused is it comused or amfused?

Bonus Outtake Picture: Did someone say cookies?

What I'm Rocking
Cardigan: Mossimo Target
Blouse: Ann Taylor (thrift store holla!)
Jeans: Joe's
Belt: Ann Taylor (current season)
Shoes: Repetto
Nail Art: Kiss Nail Dress in Corset

March 20, 2012

My ModCloth Picks Under $50

This week I am hosting a giveaway for a $50 ModCloth Gift Card, if you haven't entered yet click over to this post pronto. Which got me thinking, what would I buy from ModCloth if I had a spare $50? Well needless to say it was hard to pick one thing so here is a set of my favorite items that are under $50.  You have until Thursday March 22nd (9:00 PM EST) to enter. 

March 18, 2012

Currently Craving: Dipping a Cautious Toe Into Pastels

I am not one to wantonly adopt trends. Harem pants and I didn't mix, fur vests were just not my thing and glitter shoes left me feeling... meh.  While there was nothing really wrong with these trends (except harem pants, they are a whole lotta wrong) they just didn't appeal to me.  This season pastels have been touted as "the" look for spring. When I initially saw the cotton candy colored clothing confections (crazy alliteration I'm sorry) in the magazines I recoiled in horror.  The head to toe soft color sweetness was enough to make my teeth hurt, but slowly ,as I began to see pastel pieces appearing in the stores, I have slowly started to warm up to the look. I wouldn't dare wear an entire outfit of pastels, but a sprinkling of the soft colors mixed with grey or black (of course) would be a great way to transition my winter weary wardrobe (what is with me) to spring.  Here are my picks.

Just A Dash of Pastel

March 16, 2012

My First Giveaway Ever!

It's been over a year since I birthed my blog baby. This year has seen my blog go through many changes, sometimes it was up and others it was definitely not up. As a thank you to all my readers for their support this last year I wanted to do something fun. I am hosting my first giveaway! I am so excited to be giving away a $50 Gift Certificate from the e-commerce site ModCloth. All you have to do to enter is play a game of Simon Says (well just do what it says) with the RaffleCopter below.

March 15, 2012

It's Almost Time...

Bold-en Times Clock In Rhythm by ModCloth, $15.99
...for J. Rose Style's first blog giveaway. I'm not going to say what it is, do you think you can guess? Come back Friday March 16th for your chance to enter.

March 14, 2012

Color Brights

Another event, another outfit. I do love these excuses to get dressed up on the weekends. I had a different outfit planned than what I am wearing here in this post, something lighter a little more springy. It ended up being too chilly for that outfit so I went with layers in color blocked brights and of course classic black to tie the look together. The sunglasses were to hide the fact that I wasn't wearing eye makeup (had a scratch by my eye).  P.S. J. Rose Style will be hosting its first giveaway come back Friday March 16th to enter.

I'm so cool I can barely stand...myself.  Just a disclaimer I'm not that cool. Five seconds before the photo snapped I was tripping over those daffodils.

I look a little surprised, which is weird since I had the remote to take the picture.

A hint of arm party peeking out of my jacket.

I had the Flavor Flav size clock, but I recently downsized to this lovely vintage looking number. 

Detail of the back of watch.

Jacket: Ann Taylor
Shirt: Eight-Sixty
Sweater: Gap
Pants: Ann Taylor
Watch: Fred Flare
Trouser Socks: Nordstrom
Shoes: Isaac Mizrahi