July 2, 2012

Shop My Closet with Threadflip

My closet is like a mood ring ever changing with my moods.  Instead of emotional moods though my closet is tied to my style moods.  Not to say that emotions don't have anything to do with what I buy to put into my closet or what I choose to remove from my closet.  For the most I wear everything in my closet to death, rags and ruined. There is a few pieces in my closet that were perhaps mistakes, oh well live and learn to shop better.  I have decided that it's time to part with those pristine pieces ignored on hangers, or hidden in drawers.  My loss in this instance can be your gain though.  I am selling these unique finds online, on a new fashion selling site called Threadflip.  I have never had much luck with ebay or etsy for my vintage items, they are just too big too impersonal.  Threadflip is a new and different way to sell those gently used gems from your closet.  The listing is free and they even send you a box and label when your item sells.  I just joined and I am really excited to share some of my closet with all of you.

My current offerings on Threadflip. I am going to continue to add more so please follow me on Threadflip or like J. Rose Style on Facebook for updates.


  1. I've always found it interesting how some people are able to consistently purchase and flip clothing. My most prized clothes are very old. In some cases many times older than myself. If it goes into my closet, it generally will not leave the closet unless it is absolutely unrepairable, unreusable.

  2. Kionon, I agree with you that purchasing a few high quality pieces that you will wear over and over again is the smart way to go. It's great that you have created a wardrobe that you will wear to shreds. Unfortunately sometimes I personally buy something that I think will work better than it does. I am all for clothes swapping and flipping since it prevents these items from ending up in a landfill.


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