February 28, 2011

To Spend or Not To Spend: Lady Like Satchels

Matt & Nat "Marvel Handbag, $135, Piperlime
I get myself into these quandaries frequently; I will stumble across an I item I adore which is accompanied by a price tag that I do not adore.  Today's edition of "To Spend or Not to Spend" is centered around this handbag.  This "Marvel" bag is by accessories company Matt & Nat, a cruelty free and socially responsible manufacturer.  I had no idea this bag wasn't leather until I read the description, in addition to the faux leather, the lining is made out recycled bottles, very eco-chic.  What I love about the bag is the size and the silhouette, it's cross-body strap, the two straps on the front and the top handle emulating a mini briefcase.  So chic and lady like. What I'm not loving is the price, currently retailing for $135 (ouch).  I know some women would consider this a pittance. I mean a handbag is used everyday it's worth the investment, but my current budget is a little restricting and would like to keep my purchase under $100.  I love the style, my quest was to find something similar for less. Check out the other options I found below. So what do you think, spend or don't spend?

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