March 3, 2011

Outfit Chronicles:A Skirt Full of Flowers

Bernardo Collection pleather coat, Gap cowl neck sweater, vintage Betsey Johnson dress, FRYE boots.
The dreariness of winter seemed to hang heavy over the last couple of weeks, I was losing any optimism that the warmer weather was on it's way. Until this morning, the air was biting and crisp and the ground still frozen, but I felt it. That sweet waft of spring's promise floating through the air. What better way to celebrate spring being on the way than to wear a profusion of flowered loveliness.  So out came my one great vintage find, a Betsey Johnson floral spaghetti strap dress.  The dress fits perfectly, even the length, the previous owner must have been petite like me.  Side note: I have never had much luck with vintage shopping; either I don't know where to look or where I've gone is ridiculously expensive, but this dress was my vintage gold.  I bought the dress in October and have not had much opportunity to wear it since it has been so cold this winter.  After some experimenting I have found ways to make the dress work in the winter. Today I wore it with a slip, tights, a cozy cowl neck and a pleather jacket with knit cuffs for added warmth. The boots are FRYE's "Campus" boots and while I cringe to think what I paid for them a couple of years ago they where a great investment. I probably have worn them at least 100 times and I expect that they will last quite a few more years. This was the perfect outfit for brightening my day, it made me think that spring was not too far away.

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