March 17, 2011

Outfit Chronicles: A Touch of Green

Elizabeth and James blazer, Gap t-shirt, LE Canvas pants, Banana Republic scarf and Luck Brand boots.
Happy St. Patrick's to you all! I woke up this morning with the same quandary I have every year on St. Patrick's day, what do I wear?  Not just what do I wear, what can I wear that has the requisite green in it. You see even though I am inherently proud of my Irish-ness I don't own a single piece of green clothing.  The color green and I aren't exactly good for each other, most green clothing combined with my super paleness = sallow.  The only thing I have that is remotely green are my Lucky Brand Blake ankle boots, so today I dressed around my olive green boots.  In today's outfit chronicles I kept the base layer really simple black trousers and black T-shirt.  Then I added my new favorite piece of clothing my Elizabeth and James military style belted blazer. I know an E+J blazer seems like a splurge, but it was insanely on sale at $175!  I have also worn it at least a dozen times so that in my mind lowers the cost per wear ratio. I swapped out the belt it came with for a plain black leather belt.  This blazer is one of those pieces that would look great throw over everything, a dress, pants and tee, a garbage bag. I kid you not I am sure it would work over a garbage bag, very high fashion.  The finishing touch is the scarf, which is handy to ward off the mid march chill and also has a bit of green in it.  Here's hoping you have a luck filled day!

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