April 23, 2012

Wedding Guest Garb: Look 1

The summer wedding season is right around the corner and if you are like most, you are attending at least one of these soirees in the next couple of months. Sometimes it's a little difficult to decide what would be appropriate to wear to these events, so as your fashionable confidant I thought I would share a few ideas over the next couple of weeks. I will cover looks that range from more casual afternoon events to the most formal evening fete. I know that weddings are not cheap, the gift, getting there, the room (if you are staying over) all costs a bundle, that's why the looks I create will all ring in at under $200. You don't need to spend a fortune to look fabulous. This week's look is tailored to an outdoor afternoon wedding. Be it in a backyard or in a lavish manicured garden, this look is a bright and sunny complement to the natural surroundings. Keep the dresses light and floating leave the form fitting frocks for the after hours. Floral prints are perfect, but if you detest prints you can easily choose a solid color that is light and bright. Don't forget to bring a little jacket or cardi for the outdoor reception when the sun dips and temperatures can drop. This is a perfect starting point for attending a friends afternoon nuptials.
In The Garden: Wedding Guest Look 1


  1. That's a beautiful outfit, but in Spain, unless the bride and groom specifically require informal etiquette, this would be considered too casual for a wedding (and totally unappropriate for an afternoon wedding, when guests should wear long, red-carpet gowns). Even morning weddings require a more formal attire: cocktail dress and heels. Wedges are a big no-no! And, of course, here it's almost compulsory for morning weddings to wear a hat or a fascinator. Yes, it's not only a thing of royal weddings or horse races :P . Wedding etiquette here in Europe is very different, as you can see :) .

    But this is a great idea for a brunch party, a garden party, a graduation or a daytime cocktail, and the dress alone is perfect for every day!

    Sara from A Modern-Day Lady

  2. The outfit is simply stunning. I especially love the straw clutch!


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