April 25, 2012

Wedding Guest Garb: Look 2

The summer wedding season is right around the corner and if you are like most, you are attending at least one of these soirees in the next couple of months. Sometimes it's a little difficult to decide what would be appropriate to wear to these events, so as your fashionable confidant I thought I would share a few ideas over the next couple weeks. I will cover looks that range from more casual afternoon events to the most formal evening fete. I know that weddings are not cheap, the gift, getting there, the room (if you are staying over) all costs a bundle, that's why the looks I create will all ring in at under $200. You don't need to spend a fortune to look fabulous. The second look in this series is tailored to a traditional church service wedding. For attending a church service, keep the look fairly conservative (as in more covered up), but have fun with colors and accessories. You can wear a sleeveless dress, but bring a jacket or cardigan for the nuptials, you can always whip the jacket off when you hit the dance floor at the reception.
Going to the Chapel

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  1. Looks great. You have a perfect eye.


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