April 27, 2011

My Day: Technology Free

By Sammy0716
Initially when I resolved to do a day without technology; no TV, e-mail, twitter, internet and cell phone, I thought I would go mad before the day was over.  Why this insane quest you ask? Well recently I started to feel that I squandered too much of my time on these modern devices (distractions) and not enough time being productive or appreciating the simple pleasures.  While cutting back on my tech use is the most practical long term solution, I wanted to give my routine a jolt by completely giving it up for a day.  So yesterday was my first "Tech-Free Tuesday".

Did I go mad before the end of the day? No, it actually wasn't as tragic as I thought it was going to be.  I did feel a little lost not reading my online news or blogs, but I survived, even dare I say, thrived.  I felt like I had more time, I felt more leisurely.  The tech-free day made me acutely aware of how much time I spend(waste) online.  I even managed to stay tech-free at work (which I know is not possible for some) not checking my work e-mail, researching lessons online, etc...  Side note: I work in a small school and if there was something that needed my immediate attention someone could walk down the hall to get me.  My mantra for the day became "It can wait till tomorrow".  When I became anxious about missing cell phone calls (0) or emails (32 most of which was junk), I just silently repeated my mantra.  I felt disconnected and liberated at the same time.  While I may not make "Tech-free Tuesday" a weekly occurrence, my experiment yesterday helped me to resolve to cut back on my use of technology.  

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