April 24, 2011

Outfit Chronicles: In My Easter (Sans Bonnet) Finery

Judy Garland and Fred Astaire in their Easter Finery in Easter Parade (1948).
I know that for some getting dressed up is a chore, but for me I relish every opportunity to get dressed up.  I don't have many chances for more formal outfits, I can't be too precious at work (art teacher) less I spill something on myself.  This weekend I knew I would be attending Easter service and having dinner with my parents and planned a special outfit for the day.

This outfit is really about the sum of the parts, because the pieces separately are rather ordinary, but when combined add up to special Easter attire.  Let me first say if you don't already own cardigan in a bright color get one now, it has saved many an outfit from the doldrums.

The cardigan is from Ann Taylor (50% off, of course) it's a lightweight cotton linen blend and makes a great layering piece. I chose to style the cardigan as a wrap sweater to show off more of the skirt and play up my waist.  I cris-crossed the ends of the cardi and tucked each end up into the opposite side.  To secure the ends I could have pinned it, but I just so happen to have a fabric belt (it was a gift ) that matched the sweater perfectly. 
The fabric belt is by J. Crew and really gives the look that something extra that it needed.  I'm not sure whether it's the print or the gold buckle, but it pulled the whole look together.  The sleeveless wrap blouse is from Banana Republic and for this ensemble I chose to tuck it into the skirt.  The black eyelet pencil skirt is by French connection (20% off at L&T) it is a fantastic spring/summer piece, a classic silhouette in a terrific textured fabric.  The peep-toe shoes are by Clarks and play up the retro vibe of the skirt.  
So there you have it simple pieces separately, but when combined result in dressy awesomeness!  All of the pieces were already in my closet, excepting the skirt which goes to show if you buy basics (cardi, white blouse, black pencil skirt, peep toe pumps) you can combine them for endlessly unique results.  

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