June 4, 2011

Outfit Chronicles: Casually Committed

I love casual wear as much as the next person, can't beat the relaxed feel and the comfort of laid back cotton clothing. Unfortunately casual wear can suffer from several sartorial pitfalls. One, it can look sloppy if it's wrinkled, stained or the wrong size. Two, it can look too mundane, t- shirt and khaki's are very common.  How can you set your look apart  and be seen as the unique individual that you are when you are swimming in a sea of casual khaki wearers? As you will see the the difference is in the details.
Today I pieced together a look, using items that were currently in my closet, to create an outfit that could be worn on a casual Friday at the office or a little weekend excursion (even if it's just running errands).

Caslon Jacket, Banana Republic Scarf, BCBG boatneck striped T-shirt, J-Crew New Cafe Capri, Aerosoles Loafer

I have gotten so much wear from this jacket in such a short time.

Pose: The troubled kid in any 80's movie.  

Another 80's movie pose, the classic pull the sunglasses down on the nose, nice!

Owl pin found at a thrift store, cost $2.

 Banana Republic rectangular scarf intertwined to form a loop.

Vintage rings from my mom's jewelry collection, J. Crew bracelet. 

These Aerosoles loafer's were given to me by a friend, practically new and just adorable, thanks friend.

Keep on climbing!

What are your favorite pieces to wear on a casual day?  Do you take the time to accessorize even on the weekends?  How do you take a blah outfit and make it sparkle?

Again a big thanks to my brother, Thomas Griffin for taking the pictures.

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