June 9, 2011

This Dress but For Less

Milly Check Weekend Dress, Saks Fifth Ave, $295
I have a penchant for beautiful, well-cut clothing, who doesn't, but this clothing also comes with a high price tag, which is well beyond my means.  I blame my love of  expensive clothing on my astrological sign, I am a Leo after-all. While I am desirous of the very best in life, I am hugely aware of my budget which I stick to because "there is nothing fashionable about debt".  A couple of weeks ago I happened on the dress above in a magazine.  The Check Weekend Dress by Milly is a lovely, lightweight, retro redux of the classic gingham shirtdress.  Aesthetically it's perfect, great cut, interesting details, nice pattern, here's the rub though, it  retails for $295. Yeah I know, it's like a punch in the gut! However lovely it may be it cannot be mine.

Merona America Artist Dress, Target, $24.99
Today I was in Target with a friend wandering through the women's wear when I happened upon the Merona Americana Artist dress above.  While not identical to the Milly dress, seeing the Merona Americana Artist Dress immediately brought to mind the more expensive version.  The fit is less flared than the Milly dress and there are less flourishes with the belt and neckline, but the fabric's pattern is the same, it ties at the waist and the neckline does boast some interesting v cuts on either side.  Here's the biggest difference though, this Merona dress costs $24.99!  I can definitely  swing a dress that is under $30, and the style is perfect for the summer.  To snag your own Merona Americana Artist frock check on the Target website, stock online is limited, but you can always use the handy "Find at a local Target tool" to find one near you.  Shopping smart and within my means, now that is what I call stylish.

Have you ever found a great piece of clothing and then found out that is was more expensive than you thought? Have you tried to find a less expensive version of the orginal?


  1. Great post!! What about suits? Do you recommend any less expensive version of more-formal workwear?


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