June 2, 2011

Four Stylishly Good Uses for Baking Soda

Baking soda's mundane and common household item status belies it's historical roots. It's first recorded use dates back to the Ancient Egyptians,  who used a form of sodium bicarbonate in the mummification process.  Today I bring you four modern uses (no mummification involved) for baking soda. Enjoy!

Image from "Funny Face" 1957 Paramount Picture
Deep Cleanser: Add baking soda to your regular shampoo to turn it into a deep cleaning power house. The baking soda increase the suds factor while helping to strip away buildup, dirt, oil, and other grossness lurking in your mane.  Just add a teaspoon of baking soda to your dollop of shampoo blend in your palms by rubbing together and lather as usual.  While great at getting rid of the bad stuff the baking soda can cleanse can leave hair feeling a little parched make sure to condition after for a fab, silky, voluminous mane.

some  of  my vintage shoes. yes i may  have a problem.
Photo by  SWANclothing
Shoe Deodorizer:  I know I am guilty of wearing my favorite kicks without socks and over time that can leave those shoes a little...ahem less than fresh smelling.  The cure, make up some sachets with oder absorbing baking soda. Take two 8-inch squares of fabric (cotton is best) and place 2-3 tablespoons in the center of each, gather up the corners and sides and tie with a ribbon.  An attractive solution to stinky problem.  Place the sachets in each shoe after wearing and leave in overnight.  Make sure to replace the baking soda, after a month it will lose it's effect.

Laundry on the line
Photo by Marlene Ford
White Brightener:  Love your summer whites, but they are looking less than bright lately.  Baking soda can scrub out the discoloration that occurs along the collar and under arm.  Mix a tablespoon of baking soda and a few drops of water, the baking soda should be blended to the consistency of a heavy paste.  Once the right consistency is achieved apply the baking soda to the stains using an old toothbrush (one that you don't plan on using again).  Scrub the discolored areas in small circular motions to work in the baking soda paste and loosen dirt and grim.  After scrubbing soak whites in a sink filled with water and one cup white vinegar.  I tried this on a blouse from last summer and it took out the yellow stains and made it look like new.  P.S. to increase the whitening effect hang the white clothing in strong sunlight to dry, it will add to the bleaching process.

Body Scrub:  Summer can be rough on your skin, but you can use all natural baking soda to smooth out roughness on feet, knees, even the face. Place 2 teaspoons baking soda in your palm gradually add water till the mixture is the consistency of syrup.  Smooth the baking soda over the skin rubbing gently do not scrub the granules in the baking soda do their best work when used with a light hand.

Do you have any favorite uses for baking soda?

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  1. This is not fashion or beauty related use but I use baking soda to clean black spots on the wall/floor. Works like a charm :)



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