May 21, 2012

Vintage Moment: Summer Casual

I love looking at vintage online on Etsy or on Market Publique.  Sometimes, I just like to look at the beautiful impractical clothes; the details, the design, not things I could incorporate into my wardrobe. But there are plenty of pieces that I could see easily integrating in my wardrobe.  Vintage can seem a little intimidating and you might not be sure how you can work it into your wardrobe.  My hope with these posts is to demonstrate how vintage pieces can be worn in completely contemporary ways. Here is a casual summer look I created around a lovely vintage pink eyelet top, from DearGolden Vintage, mixed with new pieces.  One things to keep in mind vintage is to only choose one item to be the focus and to mix it with a current off the rack piece, to avoid looking like you are wearing a costume.

Cutout blouse, from DearGolden Vintage on Etsy, $34

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