May 31, 2011

Outfit Chronicles: Olive and Berry to the Max!

Dress handmade, Caslon Jacket from Nordstrom, Jewelry borrowed, Flowers from the garden.
Sometimes inspiration is born in the mind, sometimes it comes from an outside source.  I recently got a jolt of style inspiration from two of my blogger buddies.  Michelle over at The Fierce Glamour blog recently posted a pic of her wearing a deep coral color dress with a jade green necklace.  Love it!  Then I saw that Lydia of the Style Independent blog wearing a bright pink top with a turquoise necklace.  Definitely sensing a trend. Bright colors are everywhere this summer; from fashion editorial to in store, but pairing them with an equally bright accessory, brilliant!

Well color me inspired, after seeing those lovely ladies rock the brights I headed to my closet to see what I had.  I actually had the perfect lightweight bright berry pink jersey dress that I made at the end of last summer, but never wore.  I paired it with a light olive color jacket picked up at Nordstrom's half-yearly sale(thanks Nordstrom), bright turquoise beads borrowed from my mom's jewelry box (thanks mom) and a pair of old reliable black sandals from clarks and voila bright outfit perfection!
The color pink seemed to change depending on the lighting.
The dress was made using directions from a magazine, it came out completely different than expected, but I like the final product better that the original pattern.
The slight drape in the front of the dress was created when I shirred the back to bring the shoulders in.
Combination of borrowed and bought jewelry, one of the bangles I found at a tag sale.
Necklaces made by my aunt and given to my mom.
I did the shirring(gathering) on the back of the dress to try to make the shoulders narrower.

Adding the flowers was a last minute idea, I felt inspired by the profusion of flowers in the garden.

Bright clothing and bright jewelry are an easy trends to try and succeed with. The only rules are; choose a color that flatters your complexion, pick a silhouette that suits your figure, choose jewelry in a complimentary or analogous color (not sure consult the color wheel).

What are your feelings about the bright color trend?  Do you have a favorite bright color in your closet?  


  1. I love the last picture in your post. You're a beautiful young lady with a lot of style. You have a way of taking everyday items and making them work.

  2. I love that you made your dress! Looks like a shift dress to me! Great colour!


  3. wow..such a beautiful dress! It proves you really believe in the power of a dress! I like the top 10 posts here!! Loved your blog and now following.
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    Any feedback will be appreciated.
    Thanks and happy blogging!

  4. Thank you for the follow Style-Delights. I do believe in the power of a great dress, they come to the fashion rescue time and time again. I enjoyed reading your blog and your top post from the year. I am following style-delights on GFC.


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