October 18, 2011

Behind The Blog: My Workspace

My workspace is not what creates the blog,  but it is an integral part of how and when I work.  I have a very small room that I have multipurposed by subdividing it into smaller areas designated for certain activities.  I have a desk and a supply cart for my painting and sewing projects, a nook for reading and a little desk where I do most of my writing.  Keeping these area neat and orderly is important to me.  Especially the desk, clutter distracts me from the task at hand.  The lovely petite desk I use was found curbside, alone and unwanted.  It was dragged to my house stripped, sanded and stained.  The desk itself has three little drawers, but I have added few small drawers that keep the pens, pencils and computer wires out of sight.  The magnetic strip allows me to post up reminders and editorial schedules so they are where I can always see them.  The pink bins are for business cards; one bin for the ones I need to go through and a bin for the ones I need to file.  My laptop is like the main vein in my blogging operation, it is how I connect on Twitter and Facebook, it is how I manage my posts on Blogger and it is how I do research for upcoming posts.  I would be lost without it.  I try to keep it clutter free with the external hard drive and keep it cool with the built in fan.  If the laptop is working and content, I can be happy and productive.  This is my basic work setup.  The beauty of being a blogger is you don't need much in the way of equipment, what you bring to the blog in continuity, quality and creativity are the things that really count.

What does your workspace look like?

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