October 5, 2011

When Bad Things Happen to Good Dresses

Since it's wacky Wednesday I thought I would share a little mid-week fashion kookiness I found online. I am often surfing different e-tailers websites looking for things to share on the blog and occasional I will stumble upon something so terrible I cannot believe that it exists.  I usually bypass it figuring it's too terrible to share on a fashion site.  Well I have change my mind, in the belief that there are lessons to be learned from the bad fashion as well. Today's wacky Wednesday find demonstrates the very fine line between embellishment and over-embellishment.  The lovely, floaty navy chiffon dress below would be utter perfection for a date night ensemble. It suffers from one, make that three problems, scroll and observe.

The designers apparently thought that they could take the boring, simplistic, elegance of this dress and kick it up a notch.  Bam! I don't know about you but the embellishment looks like an explosion in the vicinity of, ahem...the lady parts, as if that weren't bad enough, there are two other explosive embellishments for the underarms.  Ladies let this be a lesson to you, less is certainly more, unless you want your date staring at the sparkly circling vortex on your crotch.  If so, then by all means this is the dress for you.


  1. Haha - I always wonder when I see "inappropriately placed" patterns/embellishments if anyone stopped to actually think "is this a good idea?" Probably not! Great post!


  2. Annie and Tanvi, maybe I am reading into it, but I swear even the model's expression is kinda like "really what were they thinking".


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