October 26, 2011

Who am I, I am a Collage

There are many facets of my personality that shine through at varying moments.  Like distant stars in a black sky the glint and glitter only hinting at the full person behind them.  I love a good collage and Polyvore makes it insanely easy to create beautiful and compelling collages.  What I also love about Polyvore is the community, with people all over the world able to connect, comment and like your sets.  There is also contests constantly running on the website and while I don't expect to win I love to use the contests as a source of inspiration.  The latest contest Polyvore is running asked the community to show who they are through a visual collage.  Here is what I created.

All About Me: A Snapshot of My Heart

There are a few things I thought of after, but I feel like it the collage communicates a sense of myself without being overly busy.  If you are a member of Polyvore and created a set for this contest please share the link in the comments section, I would love to see it.


  1. Pretty cool but I don't get the Tokyo milk

  2. JudyG the TokyoMilk is the brand name, it is a Rose scented solid perfume.


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