October 13, 2011

Taking a Look Back: My Style 1996

Here is a photo snapped of me waiting at an airport July 1996. Excuse the chipmunk face (no idea what was going on there).  I was 15 and eagerly waiting to board a plane, on what would be my first flight.  You can see that even though I was traveling I still made sure that I was properly accessorized, note the multiple chains and rings.  I was wearing my favorite jacket, a ditzy daisy cotton number from Delia's.  * Side note I lived and breathed Delia's clothes back then and would ravenously flip through the pages whenever a new catalog arrived.  The rest of the outfit was relatively simple a boy's white cotton tank and wide leg jeans.  What I love about this picture, aside from the expression (priceless really) was the haircut.  I used to love experimenting with my hair; different lengths, the color, my hair was constantly changing.  I love the edginess of the cut; the length and the bangs, how very chic of me.  Looking at this picture reminded me that sometimes style risks pay off and I was certainly more of a risk taker back then.  Moving forward I want to try to take more chances with my style.  Whether it be with my hair or my clothes, I don't want to become staid or comfortable I want to continue to evolve and move forward.

Do you ever find yourself in a comfortable style rut?  What were you wearing back in 1996?


  1. Yes! I had my hair styled into a short bob for many years. First, I experimented with bangs and now my hair is shoulder length. It is easy to experiment with your hair because it can always grow out.

  2. Judy I agree hair is an easy and fun way to experiment with your style. Thanks for sharing your current hairstyle.


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