January 4, 2012

Blog Reading: Today I Want

Hi loves! It feels like it's been a while since I wrote to you, but I'm back feeling refreshed and looking forward to an amazing 2012.  While I may have stepped away from my blog for a bit I still stayed up to date on my Bloglovin' reading.  I love seeing what other bloggers are wearing or creating. When I am feeling especially uninspired the best remedy has been to turn to some of my favorite blogs, the fresh info and perspective is sure provide some inspiration.  Today I am sharing one of the special blogs I follow, Today I Want, by Katie Petix.  Katie, has an amazing sense of style, cute online shopping finds and some great dressing room outfit commentary (she is Hi-larious).   The last two weeks Katie has been hopping around Europe writing an fun update when she can.  Her blog has been peppered with guest posts (including yours truly) that chronicle the style of the cities that she has been visiting.  The site provides a daily dose of internet shopping, vintage finds and clothing reviews from the dressing room.  If this sounds like your bag check out Today I Want for more yummy fashion fixes.

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