January 28, 2012

Fashion Fantasy: Red Carpet Look

The popular media is knee deep in awards season.  While the entertainment industry bestows accolades on this years darlings, all I really am interested in is the fashion.  The red carpet provides every fashion lover with a dream playground where you can wear the most decadent, expensive and fantastical gowns.  My inner 10 year old delights in tulle, revels in the princess updos, dies for the decadent jewels. So in honor of red carpet style I have created my own look, if I ever should have the good fortune to stride down any awards arrival line.  The dress by Lela Rose from Spring 2012 RTW was the central inspiration for the entire collage.  The look is inspired by ocean hues of blues and corals, Adele's 60's mod makeup and voluminous hair, and the lush materials of the brocade and the diamonds. 

Fashion Fantasy: Red Carpet Awards Look


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    1. Isn't the perfect shade of blue! Thanks for reading.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you JudyG. I was trying to do something that was a little unconventional.


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