January 26, 2012

Layering Procedure For Winter

Every winter I am faced with the choice stay warm or stay stylish. I mean layers of bulky sweaters, scarves, and long johns don't add up to chic and sleek right? Well I have been working on layering the last couple of winter seasons and I think I finally have it figured out. Five lightweight layers (no bulk)that add up to a warm and toasty outfit.

Here's the layering procedure:

Layer 1 and cheerleader pose. Am I harboring pent up desires to be a member of the pep squad? Nah! Just happy to be wearing two tanks to add warmth especially when one is a HEATTECH tank from UNIQLO.

Steal this sweater from your dad, your brother, boyfriend or buy your own.  The only rules are to look for lightweight wool and to buy it slightly large.

The first two layers are a little utilitarian, let layer 3 put the pretty and feminine back into the outfit.

Buh-Bye neck see you in the spring!  I have been know to wear scarves around the house to keep cozy.  While scarves add bulk at least it's not at the mid-section or hip area of the outfit.

It's blazer time (and cue cheesy smile)! You can also don a lightweight jacket or leather cropped jacket, it's your choice really!  Just throw on a heavy winter coat when you are ready for the outdoors.

Items in Order of Appearence:
Tanks: Old Navy and UNIQLO
Pants: Mavi 'Alexa' Jeans
Boots: FRYE 'Carmen'
Cardigan: Ann Taylor
Kimono Jacket: Love on a Hanger
Scarf: Echo
Blazer: Ann Taylor

Note:  Many of the items are not current season, but I found many similar items and you can shop the look below.

Try it or mock it, this is the outfit formula that keeps me warm. Which in the winter is the closest thing to happy. How do you keep warm in the winter months?


  1. Loved the final product! Great look.

  2. Love your silk Kimona and the silk border print jacket!

  3. I love this post! So true that it's hard to find something in the winter to wear that is warm yet stylish. Great ideas and I really like the fun way you present it too! :-)

    1. Thanks Whitney! Every winter is a challenge for me to keep warm. My family often jokes about how many layers I am wearing, I thought it would be fun to show my procedure for layering.


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