January 9, 2012

I have not been terribly faithful to my blog lately, it's regrettable, and I miss it, but I have a good reason.  I was feeling a little burned out.  It hasn't even been a year, but my creativity and energy were feeling sapped.  The other day I was on the Independent Fashion Bloggers site looking for ideas and seeking reasons for my burn out when I stumbled across this week's IFB Project.  The project proposes starting a photo journal and snapping one pic for every day in a year. If done consistently that would add up to 365 pictures at the end of the year.   This project might seem like a daunting task to try, but realistically it is just one picture a day, which since I got my iphone I have been taking one picture almost every day anyway.  So here goes nothing... I am going to post my project on a few platforms so if you want to follow along, please do.  If you are doing the same project leave your site in the comments I would love to see what you do.

Day 1: The Fortune Told Me So