January 17, 2012

A Chic Retro Do That's Completely Modern

Last night I was watching the movie "An American in Paris" starring Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron.  I had seen this movie before, but this time around I was completely in awe of Leslie Caron's, poise and style.  Caron epitomized unpretentious elegance with her petite frame, gamine style, her charming overbite and wide effervescent smile.  I went on a hunt for more pictures of Ms. Caron and what I discovered was a series of pictures of the actress sporting one of the most elegant and timeless pixie cuts I have ever seen.  I had to share.

The cut is absolutely tailored to her face.  I love how the fringe is angled longer on the left side.  So gorgeous, very dramatic, a statement haircut.  Now if I only had the face for it.... le sigh.


  1. I completely agree. Timeless.

  2. I always envy a woman who can get away with a pixie cut.


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