December 21, 2011

Color Block For a Gray Day

Week two of my outfit posts comeback. The self portraits were hindered by the lack of sunlight and the fact that they were shot later in the afternoon (lesson learned). The rainy weather today dictated my outfit head to toe. I was going to wear a long skirt, but I did not want to be dragging it through puddles, so instead I opted for my new gray stretch jeans. The sweater's bright colors served as a counterpoint to the grayness of the day. The boots, well I love my new rain boots (sigh). They are the perfect combination of adorable and practical, they were a bit of a splurge for me, but so worth it. Oh and just a heads up the Kate Spade boots I'm wearing in this post are on sale at Piperlime.

Sneak peak of my nail post for Friday...hint, hint.

I am so obsessed with these boots I can't stop staring.

I call this move prancing goose. 

A tribute to the awesomeness of the Kate Spade "Randi Too" boots.  Hehe they make me so happy!

Question for bloggers who shoot their own outfit posts, what are some tips/tricks for shooting indoors?


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