December 14, 2011

Welcome Back Outfit Posts

Some days I have trouble deciding what to wear (not the worst problem, I know).  Perhaps it's too many choices in my closet or nothing seems right, when faced with these conundrums I opt with classic head to toe black. Black is certainly my uniform of choice and a great building block for any outfit. Remember just because black is basic, it doesn't have to be boring, add accessories, add colorful shoes or socks.  The choices are endless really. As Audrey Hepburn proved in Stanley Donen's Funny Face (1957) black can make a powerful statement, create a lean, sleek silhouette and give you the power (with the help of a little dance) to express yourself. The outfit I wore today was certainly an unconscious homage to the black turtleneck and trousers that Hepburn's Beatnik chic character wore in the movie (scroll down for a clip). 

This is my first experiment in shooting myself using a remote for my camera. 108 pictures taken about 10 were good. Let's hope the odds improve.

Disclaimer: I was in no way ever trained as a dancer, most days if I get by without tripping it's a miracle.

A word of caution, black can make you appear deep and mysterious, be prepared to receive glances from handsome strangers.

Nearly fell over striking this pose. I am willing to risk personal injury for my blog.  Now that's commitment.

The headband is the only new item I am wearing, purchased at Anthropologie on sale, $6.95.

Oh geez what did I do now? Gold bangle borrowed from mom (shh).


  1. Great post, Jennifer! I just started taking my own photos too (it's SO much easier than finding someone with free time and willingness to work with me! ).

    Love love love Audrey Hepburn - and that scene is so iconic!


  2. Annie Thank you for the kind words! I have been following your recent outfit posts I would not have known you had a remote, you hid it really well. I definitely agree about it's difficult to find someone to take pictures. I have a cord attached to the remote I am using, it's harder to hide, but I'll continue to play around with it.

  3. Tres chic! I do love me some Audrey.
    Congrats, haha- getting out of Anthropologie with anything under $15 is a miracle!

  4. Great post! Never realized Audrey's talent as a dancer.


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