December 5, 2011

IFB Project #24: Sounds of Inspiration

"Music Listening to Music" by Malena Fryar. 

I was surrounded by music as a child, records playing on the turntable, cassettes seeping from the speakers in the dash filling the car's interior. Long road trips to the sound of Bruce Springsteen, The Traveling Wilburys, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison and more. I would sing and dance along to the rock anthem's of Queen and Pat Benatar. The beauty of music to me is it becomes so much a part of my life, a piece of who I am. I have strong memories attached to certain songs, euphoria for a time or place, love for the melody or a lyric that connect the emotional dots.

This week I am rounding up some of the songs currently frequenting my playlist. My favorite songs often change, like my mood or the weather. I think this bunch of songs are a good indicator of where I am right now and what I am striving for. I do look at the lyrics, I am probably appropriating their meaning for my purpose, but sometimes it's just a pretty melody that strikes a chord with me.

Here's my little round up, enjoy!

Music has taught me:

1) To strive for seemingly impossible (or improbable things) knowing that it will take time to reach the goal.

2) Some times people let me down, but I am strong enough to get beyond it.

3) Sometimes I may feel lost, but that's okay I am not the only one.

4) To live with passion and purpose.

5) Wonderful things can happen everyday, if you let them.

6) Sometimes I just need to withdraw from the crowd and get lost in a daydream.

7) Listening to a soothing song is a great way to recharge my batteries.

8) Make peace with the things I cannot change.

9) Keep pursuing my dreams even breaks my heart.

Happy Holidays! Remember that no matter the trouble, stress or worry, if you seek to find beauty in even the smallest things, you will find your own portion of joy.


  1. Thanks Lizz, I am glad you enjoyed! I checked out your blog it's sweet, love the new MK bag.

  2. Thank you for introducing me to some new songs and talented musical artists!

  3. Ilka thanks for reading, I tried to keep the playlist eclectic without being all over the place.


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