February 13, 2012

Currently Craving: Chambray Blue Button Down

At least one night a week you can be sure to find me scouring the internet for an item I am currently obsessing over.  My internet shopping expeditions usually result in success, though I often talk myself out of buying in the end(probably a good thing).  I don't usually document my online shopping findings, but I think that from now on I will make it a weekly thing to share with you my current fashion cravings.  Right now it's all about Chambray blue button downs.  I know they were on the scene last year, but I think they will be even bigger this year.  Especially with printed pants and shorts being a huge trend.  Personally I feel like a Chambray button will give you a lot of mileage in your spring wardrobe, it can be layered, it's versatile and easy to care for. Here are my picks under $100.

What I Want Now:Chambray Blues


  1. This is a piece that should be a staple item in one's wardrobe.


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