February 4, 2012

Keeping It Classic-IFB Outfit

I will be the first to admit that I am not too diligent about planning ahead.  In fact I'm a big fan of procrastination.  That being said I have learned that in some instances it's really important to plan ahead. For example when attending a big event.  Then it is crucial to make sure you have everything you are going to need from undergarments to the right shoes.  Now I make sure to try the outfit on a couple days before the event to make sure all the pieces are just right.

The outfit that I am wearing to the winter Independent Fashion Blogger's Conference is no exception to my careful planning.  A couple of weeks ago I was actually dead set on wearing something entirely different than the look you see hear.  What happened?  Well fate intervened...I was wandering around one of my fav thrift stores when I found a beautiful black wool pleated skirt.  I could instantly tell this skirt was high quality and well made, I checked the tag, Yves Saint Laurent.  Shut my face ( you know cause my mouth was hanging open)!  I only had to pray that it fit, which after a quick try on I saw that it did.  I was going to just buy the skirt but then I saw a black and white polka dot top (I'm a sucker for polka dots) that I thought would work with the skirt.  It did and I walked out of there with both pieces for under $20.  Those finds completely changed the course of my outfit.  Without further ado (blah, blah, blah from me) here's what I'm wearing.

1.Merona Trenchcoat, $0, Hand Me Down  2.Pocket Watch Necklace, $?, Gift  3.Ann Taylor Blouse, $8, Thrift Store   4.Owl Pin, $2, Thrift Store  5. Bunch o' Bangles $?, Gifts or Borrowed, 6. Michael Michael Kors bag, $99, MK Store   7.Yves Saint Laurent Wool Skirt, $11, Thrift Store  8. Rockport Janae Bootie, $160, Shoes.com  9. Houndstooth Stocking, $11, Nordstrom
Are you going to the conference? Please leave me your link if you posted your outfit, I would love to see what you are wearing.


  1. love the outfit..classic and chic

  2. very attractive outfit which I'm sure will look stunning. Have fun at the conference!

  3. Well done! On budget!

  4. It was great to meet you! I totally loved your outfit from today. You should think about doing this month's petite fashion challenge. It's about putting together a professional outfit in less than $100. Really Petite is running this month's challenge. http://www.reallypetite.com/2012/02/petite-fashion-challenge-13.html


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