February 22, 2012

Watching Too Much Downton Abbey

I love a good period costume film as much as the next fashion loving girl.  In fact I had for a short time considered studying costume design and I still would love to see the behind the scenes workings of a wardrobe department.  I must confess that all this love of costume finery is what is fueling a new addiction of mine. All my friends and family know about my most recent addiction, though there is no intervention needed, my addiction is to the show Downton Abbey.  

I love the juicy drama each week, the one line quips from the Dowager Countess of Grantham (the incomparable Maggie Smith) and the sumptuous costumes.  Today's outfit was perhaps subconsciously inspired by the flowing skirts, ephemeral layers, lush fabrics and decadents jewels (can't forget the jewels).

What I'm Wearing:

Tank: Old Navy
Kimono Jacket: Love Squared (worn here and here)
Scarf worn as Top: No label, gift
Skirt: Ann Taylor (Similar to this)
Belt: Chaps (Similar to this)
Necklace: Erickson Beamon for Bauble Bar (from IFB Gift Bag)

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  1. Very classy! I also love the series. My favorite quote is "I'm a woman Mary, I can be as contrary as I wish."


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