February 6, 2012

Refinery 29 is Searching for the Next Big Style Blogger

I have always felt like a small fish in a big pond with regards to the blogging universe.  The pond in this scenario is the fashion blog world and the other fish are all of the other talented people writing and photographing their fashion obsessions and favorite outfits.  With all the blogs out there I feel truly honored that people have chosen to read and follow my little blog.  While I am content with my little rocky corner of the big pond I would like to branch out and and grow my little blog that could.  Part of  reaching out is taking charge of promoting my blog.  This new goal I am sure will force me to chances I would have not taken in the past.  A chance like entering my little blog in Refinery 29 Next Style Blogger Contest.  Now I'm a fairly modest gal and it's completely against my nature to promote, it feels like bragging, but if ya' heart petite girls with a modest budget and a penchant for vintage style click below to vote for my blog.

Click on this button to go to the site to vote.

This is my entry!

P.S. If I get 10 "hearts" I would be over the moon, so if you are inclined (which I hope you are) please pass this on to help spread the word.

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