May 12, 2011

Shopping Haul Post: Nordstrom Rack

Today's shopping outing was mainly a reconnaissance mission.  It had been a while since I had been to Nordstrom Rack and wanted to take inventory of the new arrivals.  Usually when I go shopping I have a few very specific items in mind, but I had received a card last week from Nordstrom rack advertising their "Contemporary Event" and it piqued my curiosity.  Going in with no expectations I was able to find a few key pieces sure to make it into heavy rotation in my spring summer outfits.
Let me just say if you like designer denim Nordstrom Rack is the place to go.  They have a large selection of brands and a wide variety of sizes (even petite) most marked 50% or more off.  Which leads me to my first find of the day.

Joe's Jeans, Chelsea Crops, Originally $163, Marked Down to $69.97.
There was lots of denim to choose from, but what I liked about these was the dark wash, the lightweight twill and the ankle length (well, ankle on me anyway).  I took a handful of tops into the fitting room, but the only one that survived was a flowing cardi.  I had started seeing these blouse-y open tops popping up at Zara and other trendy retailers. While I liked the style none were under $60, a hard price to justify for what is probably a seasonal trend.  I got this one for a steal! 

Love Squared Open Blouse, Originally $34, Marked down to $14.97.

I love the print on this top!  There were other prints and some solids, but I thought the zen Asian style print fit the feel of the piece and the look I was going for.  I was going to end my shopping excursion here, but I couldn't leave without looking at the shoes.  For me looking in stores for shoes is oft in vain.  I wear a size 5 and most of my shoe purchase are made online, for full price (scoff).  Well today was my lucky day because there was a small selection of size 5 shoes.  I fell for these cute Report kitten heels and nude pumps were also on my list of must buys. 

Report Footwear, Blair Kitten Heel Pumps, Originally $75, Marked down to $49.90.

Well that was my shopping excursion today. I spent more than I anticipated, but I didn't expect to find shoes and when I find shoes that fit I have to jump on it, because it doesn't happen often.  In total I spent $134.84 and I got pieces that I can mix and match with things I currently own.  

Where do you go to find bargain shopping?  What's the best "haul" you've had?  Any must have pieces for spring that you got on sale?


  1. Nordies is one of my favorite dept stores. Nice haul!

  2. I do a lot of online shopping. The great deals you can find on the web are endless! Great blog!



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