May 7, 2011

Fashion Finds: Cheap Monday Domino Dress

Cheap Monday Domino Dress
I will confess I spend too much time browsing fashion e-tailers websites, hence my tech free day last week. There are some sites I like to shop at and some sites I like to look at, knowing full well I could not afford the product, but I like to look anyway. falls into the latter category.  It has a terrific webpage and I love their look-books, but normally I shy away from the site because they are completely out of my price point.  However I can't resist the siren-song of the lovely designer pieces so I go to just window shop.  Occasionally they surprise me by having some really high-fashion but completely affordable pieces.  My find today is this black asymmetrical dress by Swedish brand Cheap Monday.
I love the ankle length, the loose fit and the drape of the back.  The dress looks like a high fashion piece, but get this, it's only $55!  It's a stylish summer dress that can go from day to night with a few simple accessory changes. Below see how I would style the accessories for a day time and evening look.

For Day....

and for evening...

Do you have a favorite fashion site where you love to look, but can't afford to shop at?
Where are have you found high fashion pieces for low low prices?

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  1. It's amazing how many outfits can be created with one classic black dress! I like your style.


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