May 27, 2011

Outfit Chronicles: Bring on the Summer

The temperature has been incredibly erratic lately, on Thursday, a week after torrential rain mind you, it reached 80 degrees.  In celebration of the warm weather, and the fact that it finally stopped raining, I decided to don some new summer threads.
This dress, by Pilcro and The Letterpress, is sure to become my new summer favorite.  I bought the dress at Anthropologie, on sale, bien sur! This little denim number was originally $98 and was marked down to 49.99, but the one in my size was missing the belt, what to do, what to do. So I asked if I could get a discount off the price (remember there is no harm in asking for a discounted price, ask nicely and your request will more likely be granted).  My request was approved and I got an additional $7 off.  Yay!  Another recent shopping find sure to come in handy this summer is this Sonoma Packable Hat by Columbia (read more about this hat here).  Another relatively new piece is these Franco Sarto Leopard print Espadrilles.  When I first got them, I thought what was I thinking they won't go with anything, but I have found that they go with quite a few things and they really make the outfit stand out.  The sweater and belt are both pieces I had.  The belt was from a LOFT dress that is no longer in my possession and the sweater, also from LOFT, underwent a DIY transformation prior to this post.  It is always so much fun breaking out new clothes and old favorites when the seasons change.  See how I styled both of my new shopping finds below.

Pilcro and The Letterpress denim dress, with a belt taken from a LOFT dress

A comfy, breathable and easy to move about in dress, is a must for summer.  Espadrille Sandals are by Franco Sarto.

Having an "Anne of Green Gables" moment, minus the red hair.

If I were in an Impressionist Painting, "Girl on a Bench With Poppy".

Loving the large brim on the hat,  it is sure to keep my face freckle free.

Looking forward to more bright and sunny days filled with summery outfit loveliness.
Again a big thanks to my brother, Thomas Griffin, who helped with the photography for this post.

What are your summer must have's?  Any unexpected favorites from last summer? What is your favorite season to dress for?


  1. mm pretty hat))

  2. I'm loving the hat on you Jennifer! I think my favourite is "Girl on Bench with Poppy"

  3. Hi dear! Super cute outfit!
    Great blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  4. Hi all! I think this is one of my summer outfit faves, so far, it is just the beginning. Thank you Lydia the hat really is a lot of fun plus it provide sun protection. Marella love your blog, I'm following.

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