May 21, 2011

Follow my blog with bloglovin

I am gradually figuring out blogging one thing at a time.  Since I am new to writing and following blogs I did not know about Blog Lovin'.  I know let the shock slowly wash over you, but I had no idea about RSS readers and such, until I started talking to other bloggers and reading a lot of articles on the topic.  If you are loving you some Blog Lovin' then you should know that you can now follow my blog J. Rose Style there.  Hey maybe you will even be one of the first followers. Just click on the "Follow me on Blog Lovin" widget on the home page or search my blog on Blog Lovin'. Thanks so much to all the really friendly and supportive people who have helped me with my new ad-venture in blog land.

How did you find out about blogging or blog readers? Did you plunge in or did you do your research?

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  1. I did a little research first and also had another blog before I started this one. It is trial and error :)


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