May 24, 2011

Fashion Finds: My New Favorite Hat

An ideal hat; flatters, protects and adds an air of mystery.
A couple weeks ago while I was fashion daydreaming I created this drawing of my ideal hat.  Wide brim deep cocoa color and thick band.  This is what I craved before I even went looking anywhere in store or online.  Hats are everywhere now, but even with the profusion of hat styles flooding the accessory market I have trouble finding the right one. Why?  Because they don't always fit my pint size (but larger than child size) head.  I need a hat that comes in sizes.  My last hat, a navy blue fedora, from J. Crew is a S/M and works perfectly for my petite noggin.  After the frustration of searching in store, I turned to online shopping.  There was an exhaustive search, but I finally found it.

Great material, nice size brim, added bonus of UPF 30 sun protection = Perfect summer hat!

The Columbia Packable Sonoma was the hat that I had been searching for.  No I kid you not that drawing was done two weeks ago and not altered to look like the Columbia hat.  I ordered from Zappos $25, plus free shipping = bargain!  P.S Zappos no longer has this style but you can get it here at REI.  My hat arrived today, it looks terrific, it fits, I loves!  You are sure to see me wearing in an upcoming outfit post.

Do you consider yourself a hat person?  Where have you purchased hats in the past?  Is a hat part of your summer must haves?

Read my April post, Here comes the Sun Hat, for more hat options/ ideas.


  1. Haven't tried the starch yet .. I have to FIND some first. Who knew that it would be so difficult to locate?

  2. Hi Lydia,

    Let me know if and when you find the starch. I wouldn't know where to find starch if I needed it.



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