March 21, 2012

Outfit Post: Nifty Neon

I like the word nifty, it's simply a word most people don't use anymore.  The word nifty draws to mind a 1950's type movie, in which the bespectacled suitor says to his love interest "it would be nifty if we can study calculus together".  So this post is about what I wore this week, not about underused words in the English language. The connection is the 50's style of the outfit and a nifty little neon sweater that made the look something special. 

An unseasonably warm March day demanded exposed pasty arms.

It looks like the wires are coming out of my head.  Curse you electricity, um nevermind.

Love the coral belt, bright accessories maketh the outfit.

My Repetto kitten heels puts a certain joie de vivre in my step.

Kiss Nail Dress stickers, which I will review later this week.

A cross between confused and amused is it comused or amfused?

Bonus Outtake Picture: Did someone say cookies?

What I'm Rocking
Cardigan: Mossimo Target
Blouse: Ann Taylor (thrift store holla!)
Jeans: Joe's
Belt: Ann Taylor (current season)
Shoes: Repetto
Nail Art: Kiss Nail Dress in Corset


  1. The niftiest part of the outfit is the blouse. Beautiful!

  2. Thank you, I really love the blouse.


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