March 26, 2012

Na-na-Neon Nails: Kiss Nail Dress Review

What's in the pack: 28 Nail stickers in a variety of sizes, nail file, instructions/design idea book
These Kiss Nail Dress stickers were a complete and total impulse buy, along with the Easter shaped pasta and the dog toy puzzle. It was a wacky day, but sometimes impulse buys are a lot of fun, my dog had fun playing with the puzzle and I had fun playing with my nails.  Here's my complete and honest review of the product below.

Product: Kiss Nail Dress in Corset

What it Does: Creates some crazy, wild and bright nail art on your nails

What is in it: 28 adhesive nail designs in a range of sizes, a mini file to shape nails and a design booklet filled with ideas
What else You Will Need: A long wear clear top coat
Nail Stickers straight up with just a clear topcoat

My Verdict:

These Kiss nail stickers come in a range of patterns and colors, some designs even have crystals.  Cute, right?  The stickers peel off the plastic sheet easily and they can be trimmed to get the perfect size for each nail and also to modify the nail sticker.

The package recommends starting with clean, unpolished and buffed nails.  Even after following the steps to prep my nails I found that the stickers didn't adhere very well.  I especially noticed it around the cuticle, there were little air bubbles, where the sticker wasn't completely flat.  After rubbing the stickers in place the ripple became less noticeable and after applying the clear top coat you could barely see them.  Once the sticker is firmly placed on the nail I folded the excess over the edge of the nail and filed off. Easy enough.

The wear was about average, almost a week before the edges started to peel (I applied another color on top the next day and used a clear topcoat over the whole nail).  Honestly peeling them off was just as much fun as applying them.

Nail stickers with a little black glitter polish on the bottom half. Two looks, one sticker, you decide.

Final Thoughts

If I had my druthers I would love for the nail stickers to be a little more flexible.  The plastic was too rigid to follow the curves of the nail, especially around the cuticle and tip. I also wish the adhesive was a little stronger so they would last longer.  Those are my only two qualms though. The stickers allowed me to rock a wild nail look I couldn't have done with paint and there was no drying time (aside from the topcoat).

Price: $7 Plus they are super affordable!

Beauty Difficulty Rating
Like juggling oranges


  1. I even like them on their own with clear nail polish.

  2. The last one is awesome image, inspire me )


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