March 4, 2012

My Style Circa 1984/85

Here's a little snapshot of my signature style circa 1984/1985.  My fashion uniform back then was certainly dance inspired, if I wasn't cutting a rug to the Flashdance soundtrack I was rocking out to Pat Benatar or Stevie Nicks.  I loved to move and my outfit had to move with me.  I would wear a body suit with tights if I was lounging at home and for more formal occasions I would throw a dress on top of the bodysuit/tights combo (see I was into layers even back then).

I'm a maniac, maniac on the floor and I'm dancing like I've never danced before...
What was your first fashion item/uniform from your youth?


  1. I love your blog and this post is so adorable ! I'm now following you, hope you can come visit my blog and follow it if you like it !



  2. Good choice: You always were entertaining.

  3. Adorable! Anything frilly! I was the only girl after 4 boys, so my mom made sure I was wearing girly things.


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