March 5, 2012

Currently Craving...

Some examples of peplums from the jacket on the left circa 1940 and the crochet set circa 1970.

Fashions from the past seem like they were certainly more forgiving to the female figure. Now I'm not saying all fashions from the past were kind to us (ahem corsets and bustles), but there were some that emphasized the lovely curves we gals were naturally given (without carrying around extra weight or bruising ribs). One such example of fashion figure flattery is the peplum. The peplum, a short overlay of fabric fitted to a skirt, jacket, top or dress creates the illusion of an hourglass figure. The flounce of extra fabric below the waist gives the illusion of a tinier middle as well as providing camouflage to any hint of extra belly. If you have a curvy figure the peplum only serves to enhance it and if you are desirous of those glamorous S curves the peplum serves to create the illusion of them. It's a win win, so that's why I am so excited that peplums have made a comeback this season. Check out my roundup below.

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