July 22, 2011

The Heat Has Sapped My Chic!

I know the title is slightly cryptic, so let me explain.  It has been crazy hot and humid here in New York, the kind of heat you can't escape even in the shade.  The heat radiates from the ground, the plants, it's all around you.  There isn't any relief when the wind blows either, it feels like the wind is just pushing around air that's been in a sauna with a bunch of sweaty men, yuck.  I can withstand a couple days like that, but this has been going on all week and looks like it will be continuing into the weekend.  I have tried to put together heat resistant summer outfits to share with you, but after the first two days of sweat inducing swelter, I am just too hot to try to be chic.  So while I bake here, I have cooked up a main course of cute vintage summer styles for you to indulge in. Enjoy!

If you wanted to go for a dip in 1899, this is the suit you would have donned. April-Mo, Flickr.

A cute madras shirtdress looks completely current even though it's from Vogue Magazine,  1934.  Ms. Blue Sky Flickr.

While stripes are still en vogue today, perhaps this stripes on stripes look from 1951 BAZAAR is a bit much.  Silverbluestar Flickr.

Summer Dressing Circa 1960's, April-Mo, Flickr.

Model Veruschka dolled up like a flower child, wearing Arthur Willians, photographed by Rubartelli.
Vogue,April 1968.
French ELLE, July 1970. Models wearing Lanvin and Chanel.  Classics never go out of style.

And when all else fails just wear some appropraitely placed flowers to stay cool.  Vogue Magazine, March 1964.  Fashion Covers Magazines, Flickr.

I hope you enjoyed this tres chic look at fashions' past.  Let me know what you think in the comments section, I might make this a weekly post.  Do you have a favorite fashion decade?


  1. I love the dresses from the 70's French ELLE. Like you said, they could be worn today and still look fashionable. As much as I might like to cover myself up when I go for a swim the 1899's swimsuit fashion is a bit much. Thanks for the pics on summer vintage fashion.

  2. I love that a lot of these clothes have a timeless appeal. It is definitely is a good lesson in buying classic pieces.


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