July 23, 2011

Last Chance To Vote on July's Covetable Closet Item

This is the last chance to help me choose this month's covetable closet item.  I have picked two drool worthy pieces, so scroll down give them an ogle and click to vote. It's that easy and I don't collect any personal information when you vote, the only thing tabulated is...your vote.  Thanks I let you know which one wins.




In a previous post I talked about changing my "shopping strategy" to adjust my spending and to end up with a more well rounded wardrobe.  My new strategy is going to be to choose pieces that are classic and well made, pieces that I covet.  These French Sole shoes I are something that I coveted and finally purchased. Covet by definition means to wish for earnestly, so each month I will choose two pieces that I wish for earnestly.  Now I am not going to buy both pieces, I will post about the items at the beginning of the month and my readers (you guys) will help me decide which piece is more covetable.   At the end of the month the item with the highest votes will be deemed most covetable and will be added to my wardrobe.  This month's covetable contenders are...

These J.Crew "Salina" leather sandals in rich toffee are drool worthy, no? The flat sole and supple leather straps make them very versatile thus fitting the "Covetable Closet" criteria.  After a full in store inspection I was please with their overall appearance and the quality of the shoe.  This kind of leather only gets better with age.

Covetable contender number two is this lovely Lolly Pop Red lady like satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company.  This leather satchel comes in many colors and multiple sizes, but it's the 11" red number that caught my attention.  I have been wanting a red handbag for a while and it might not seem like the most practical color, but I have a thing for bright accessories.  Each satchel is made to order, by hand in the UK.

Sorry voting for this post has been closed and the Covetable Closet winner has been chosen, check here to find out which item won. 


  1. I've been seeing this satchel on a lot of blogs. Kate Spade has a similar style too...and in neon colors.


  2. Yes I have seen satchels all over the place, what led me to this satchel was they featured it in neon in the July issue of Bazaar. I love that the retro satchels are back.


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