July 27, 2011

Outfit Chronicles: Short Story

Sometimes I get stuck in a style rut.  I let myself slip into a fashion comfort zone and avoid taking risks with my clothes.  One example, since high school I have avoided wearing shorts, no matter the temperature, it could be boiling, knee perspiring kind of hot, I would refuse to wear them.  I was convinced that shorts didn't look good on me and that they just highlighted my paste-y stems.  With the recent fashion insurgence of shorts in everything from day wear, formal wear and office wear, they were suddenly everywhere and yes I resisted.  That is until recently, I fell for this purple pair from Old Navy.

Women's Perfect Khaki Shorts, Old Navy, $19.50.

Don't ask me why this particular pair inspired me to take a fashion leap of faith, but they did and I had to have them.  They were on sale so I wasn't investing too much on this risky (at least for me) style move.  Long story short (hehe), I love them!  The color, a perfect plumy shade, flatters my pale skin.  The length is just right, hitting mid-thigh, makes my legs appear longer (a nearly impossible task when you are 5'2").  The cotton fabric is comfortable and easy to care for.  I love these shorts so much that I have worn them at least three times this week.  In honor of my new favorite shorts (words I thought I would never utter) I have put together two looks with just three pieces (button down shirt, tank top and cotton shorts) with an added a dollop of accessories. Enjoy!
Dressy Look:

Button Down; Gap, Shorts; Old Navy, Tank Top; J. Crew, Bag; Michael Michael Kors, Shoes; Clarks
For a high fashion look button up! Necklace from Loft.
A perfect look for an afternoon lunch and chic restaurant.
My favorite bag, by Michael Kors, love that I convert to a cross-body bag with the long strap that came with it.
Catalog pose, now look over your shoulder, perfect.
A pair of strappy heels are a perfect compliment to a dressy shorts look.

Casual Look:

Just unbutton and untuck the shirt, roll up the sleeves...Presto Change-o! A casual shorts look.
Favorite belt, stolen I mean borrowed from my mom's closet.
Floral Pattern close-up.
A great outfit for running errand or just hanging out on a hot summer day.

French Sole ballet flats I love you so much!
See my legs look really long right in my, pseudo-pin up pose.

That's it for this edition of outfit chronicles. What did you think of the one pair of shorts worn two ways?  Do you have a favorite pair of shorts you wear again and again?  Thanks for reading.




  1. Shorts have always been my enemy as well because of my pasty white skin. Kudos to you for biting the bullet and showing off those gams. I love the plum color on you.

  2. I feel your reluctance on the shorts trend... I have a couple of pairs but prefer to wear them with tights in the spring or fall. And mine aren't even that short! I've been seeing all these girls strutting their c*llulite (is this mean?) in the hottest hot pants and I just can't do it. I'm glad you found a pair that's both sexy and modest, i.e. chic.

  3. From Suns To Moons I know what you mean. I have seen girls wearing shorts so short that they probably should be classified as underwear. Judy G I feel self conscience too, I feel the need to cover up my pale legs, but it has been so hot lately that I broke out the shorts. I think these are a classy length. I really think sometimes it's good to take chances and challenge your pre-conceived fashion notions, but most importantly you should wear what makes you confident and comfortable.


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