July 18, 2011

Outfit Chronicles: Paint Splatter Pattern

This summer, in comparison to previous years, has been fairly mild.  However there have been days that are the complete opposite of mild, when the area is hit with a bout of 90 degree heat and humidity.  On days where it feels too hot to care what you look like I dress in easy separates, nothing too clingy, all made of super light, breathable and washable fabrics. Here is one of the warm weather survival looks that I have styled for those lovely (not really) hot and humid summer days.

Tank; Gap, Pants; Loft, Shoes; Indigo by Clarks, Necklaces; Fabric Trim

Not worrying about the spiders crawling everywhere.  I have my trusty BB so I can pop them suckers full of plastic!
Love all the pockets on these pants.  Total pocket count 300! Kidding, more like 6, but that's still pretty awesome.
Not actually riding bike, just posing with it, it's such a pretty red color.

Print on tank top.
And then the photo shoot dissolved into silliness.
Ability to laugh at oneself, check. A sense of humor is a great accessory.
Want to give my photographer Thomas Griffin a big ole shout out.  With out his help it would be impossible for me to take these shots.  In fact it was his idea that I climb up into a tree house filled with spiders...yeah thanks.

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Thanks for stopping by, that's all for this episode of outfit chronicles.  If you have an outfit idea or conundrum you want me to solve here in outfit chronicles leave a note in the comments section. I promise I read every single comment here and always try to respond.  



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  1. I love the capri pants, and also the paint splattered tank from the... Gap, really!!!!


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