August 2, 2011

Beauty Experiment: Half-Moon Manicure

Okay well I finally got around to trying it and all I can say is "if I can do it so can you".  What am I talking about, I'm talking about the half-moon manicure.  This lovely nail look has been tearing up catwalks and beauty editorials alike.  Now you are probably saying to yourself "Jen where have you been, it's been going on for a couple months" in my defense though I needed certain supplies (re-enforcement labels) and a serious chunk of time (maybe like 40 minutes, so hard to sit still) to achieve this look.  The effort was well worth it I love my half-moon mani! Here's what you need to do to get the look yourself.
Nail Polish:

Still unsure or need more visuals YouTube has a slew of video tutorials that you can watch, like this one.

Have you tried the Half Moon Manicure yet?  Do you have any tips or tricks for achieving this look?




  1. OMG! I never knew it was so easy. It looks like it would be hella hard. Hope to see you over at my DIY Manicure Party link up on Friday. This would be awesome to share.


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