August 11, 2011

Outfit Chronicles: Daytime Sparkle

Note: Despite connotations of the title this is not a primer on how to achieve the otherworldly sunlit diamond shimmer of certain undead fictional characters.
On my days off it is very tempting to throw on any old thing and laze about the house. While I do allow myself the occasional day to be slubby in attitude and appearance, it does not help my creativity or my productivity for that matter. So on days when I feel the least inclined to get dressed I often do the opposite, I get dressed up as if I am going out somewhere. Nothing fancy just some casual pieces with a little something special thrown on to give it a splash of color, a little style or in this case a little sparkle. 

This vest makes appearances when I want to exude the positivity and the youthful exhuberance of my inner ten year old self. It can take any plain outfit and give it some much needed pizzaz (said with jazz hands gesture). I know what you are thinking "sparkles in the daytime?", yes, hear me out. Sparkles and shine can be done in the daytime if you follow a couple simple rules. 1) Pair it with casual daytime fabrics, linen, cotton and the like. 2) Keep the amount of sparkle at about 1/3, if you are wearing 3 pieces only one of the three should have shimmery shine. 3) Afraid to take the plunge? Start with your accessories; a scarf with beading, metallic belt, sequin ballet flats all can be easily incorporated with your daytime clothing.  The American Eagle vest featured in this post in last season but I did find a couple on ebay if anyone is interested.

Shirt: Loft, Vest: American Eagle, Pants: Joe's Jeans skinny cropped, Clutch: Vintage, Espadrilles: Franco Sarto.
A half up-do is a simple way to look polished on a hot and humid day.
Lookin' like I got some major attitude here, "yeah you got somethin' say bout my sparkly vest..."
".... let's go, hair flipping contest.  Swoosh, swoosh."
I shoved a squirrel out of the way to get this shot. He was sitting pretty on the stump and I'm like "move it squirrel you're in my shot". No, that didn't really happen (no woodland animals were harmed in the making of this post). 
Some serious accessory love; Rings: vintage, craft fair, Silver Beaded Bracelet: Loft, Jersey Bracelets: DIY.
Shoes in the wild, run free!  
Extreme close-up of the beaded vest. Linen and spangles and beads...oh my! (Sorry couldn't be stopped).
Thanks for stopping by for this edition of Outfit Chronicles. I hope you enjoyed my daytime (non-vampire) sparkle. I would love to hear your thoughts on shimmer and shine for daytime please share in the comments section below.


  1. Yep, that's sparkly. You may be blinding in direct sunlight.

  2. Kionon, yeah the reflected light was so strong it started some small brush fires (kidding). I had fun wearing something that pushes the rules of daytime dressing a little.

  3. Sparkly post! Some splendid photographic shots. I once won the hair flipping contest back in 04.

  4. Getting all fancied up when all you feel like doing is lazing around is a fabulous idea. I think your outfit looks great and your writing is so entertaining, too!

  5. I love this beaded vest how gorgeous!! It looks wonderful with the printed top and those leopard print shoes! So cute. And getting dressed up on days off makes things so enjoyable

  6. Elisheva thanks for reading, I am glad you enjoyed. Getting dressed up is the perfect antidote to the blah's.

    Jenna thanks for stopping by, I have been taking more risks with my style including (gulp) mixing prints. Mixed prints gives the outfit some quirk and edge, which I love.


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